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PixelBucks is the single best affiliate network obsessively engineered to make the affiliates' experience perfect. With years' worth of experience behind our backs, we have created a system with reliable and exact tracking, fast payouts, amazing rates and a steady stream of promotions. All of that helps cut your costs and increase your profits.

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Our Unique Features

Thanks to our technological know-how and an experienced team of specialists, we easily generate leads and sales for the advertisers, which, in turn, helps our affiliates make sizable revenue via monetized traffic. Here's where the pixels make money! Our exclusive offers and profitable opportunities provided by other advertisers are the reason why we offer some of the most competitive payouts in the business. We provide our customers with the certainty that our leads and installs are of high quality and our payouts are sky-scraping.

High Conversion Rates & High Payouts

If you are looking for campaigns with the top rates, look no further. Whatever the type of your traffic may be, we have just the right custom-tailored offer: you get both high conversion rates and high payouts. After all, we want you to maximize your revenue.

All Verticals Available

One of our strong suits is the diversity that we provide when it comes to campaigns. Whether you prefer CPA or CPL, we have thousands of offers available in many different verticals, including gaming, electronic commerce, travel, just to name a few. Let us convert your traffic and you will see where the pixels make money.

Weekly Payouts

Increasing traffic costs an arm and a leg. With no cashflow, your business will ultimately die - so that's why PixelBucks pays ever single week, no excuses or delays. This way, you will never ever have any issues with your traffic expenses. Payouts are available using a variety of the most popular online payment methods.

Customer Service Dream Team

We make sure our support team is available seven days a week. Our experienced professionals will solve any issues you might have, whether it is a simple technical question or question on how to optimize the campaign. We have built the best customer support team possible because we value our impeccable reputation.

Increase Your Online Income Today

Working with PixelBucks enables you to connect with the best advertisers in the game, it enables you to access the very best performance-based ad campaigns available. With over ten years' worth of experience at the very top at the performance network industry, we continue to bring unsurpassed quality, responsibility, and great corporate culture. Our company is only as outstanding as our people.

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When do I get paid?

We are providing weekly NET-7 payments. To give you an example: affiliates that generated revenue from 12/09/2019 to 12/15/2019 will receive their payouts on 12/23/2019. Before we send you a payment, a minimum balance of $100 is required. If you do not reach that number, your income will be added to the subsequent payment until the minimum balance is reached.

How do I get paid?

You are able to choose between the following payment methods: Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Payeer. Your choice will mostly depend on your home country. Our system calculates affiliate commissions in USD. If you have any further questions on how you'll be paid, do not hesitate to contact your manager.

Do you accept international affiliates?

We do, we accept affiliates from all over the world.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

In case you've forgotten your PixelBucks password, you need to visit this page to reclaim a lost password.

Do I get real-time tracking data on leads/sales or is there a delay?

By and large, leads and sales are tracked in real time. Yet, there might be a delay (up to five minutes) whenever our servers need to refresh the data. However, keep in mind that there are some ad campaigns in which sales and leads are only declared several days after a person signs up. This condition is always stated in the campaign descriptions.

Tell me why I am not seeing leads/sales generated when I know they were generated?

A multitude of reasons can be given to answer this question, including but not limited to: user landed on a campaign page via a different affiliate link; user entering incorrect data; user not going through with the registration process; user's data not meeting the campaign's requirements; user disabled cookies. On the whole, most cases of untracked sales/leads can be attributed to the affiliate's failure to familiarize themselves with the ad campaign's requirements.

Will you let me add your offers to my own network to resell them?

By all means - yes. Additionally, we're providing a server postback tracking solution.